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When ordering from EVERAISE'S, you have two options. First, you can choose products from our existing collections. If getting stock quickly is a priority, this easy option is your best bet.
Second, if you’d rather have unique/exclusive products, you can commission a custom collection. We can take you from start to finish: research, design, and production.
For both options, we also offer::
  • Custom branding.
  • Personalized packaging.
  • Medium, premium, and super premium product ranges.
  • Distribution to your customers.
Existing Collections
Choose from a variety of ready-made collections. Each collection has signature colours, features, fabrics, and/or trims that make them special. So, you're sure to find products to suit the style of your target customer.  
Choosing from our existing collections means:
  • Speedy delivery times   
  • Minimum order is not large qty per product.
  • Non-exclusive items.

It works like this:
       1. After discussing your needs, we’ll send you a shortlist of designs to choose from. 
       2. You select your product range.
       3.  New hanging card and products for your brand are produced and delivered.
Your first order could be delivered as soon as within 4 - 6weeks. 
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