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Custom Collections
If you have an idea you want to develop or you want a line of products no one else has, then a custom collection is what you're looking for.
Choosing a custom collection means:
  • A unique design from concept to production.
  • Minimum order depends on the fabric chosen.
  • Get what you want, choose fabrics and product shapes.
  • Products that are exclusive to your brand.

It works like this:
     1.  We'll meet to discuss your ideas, products, and target customers.
     2.  We'll research your target, and create drawings and models based on their needs.
     3.  After you select some designs, we’ll produce prototypes.
     4.  Once you get a chance to feel and test, you’ll pick your prototypes for order
     5.  We'll order the materials, start production, and get them to you or your customers as soon as possible.
Please note, developing a custom collection will take some time. since it’s a creative process. To ensure you get your products on time, we advise that you get started at least two seasons ahead of time. We estimate roughly 6 months from start to first order delivery and 6 to 8 weeks for subsequent orders. Keep in mind that the length of the process will vary with the speed of communication and decision making. But of course, the results will be fabulous! 

Please contact us now to learn more or get started on your custom collection!  
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